Functional Performance,                  Health & Wellness

Our goal is to enable our clients to 

Perform, Function & live Pain Free.

Thru a program of wellness services focusing on selfcare that help balance and connect mind & body.

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MyoKinetix Functional Performance, Health, and Wellness is located in the heart of Palm Desert, California. We are a personal performance health center that provides services that can assist individuals to take control of their health care objectives.

Our goal is to enable our clients to perform, function, and feel better in their own bodies.  Through education, functional training, hands-on programs, raw organic juicing, body sculpting, energy work, and sound bath meditation, we help bring balance to those who are experiencing health issues, pain, and reduced flexibility.

All providers at MyoKinetix are highly trained, certified, and licensed. We use the most up-to-date equipment in our office, so that we may provide you with the highest quality services in the valley! Our passion is to help our clients achieve optimal health while breaking away from everyday stresses that can lead to pain.


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