Serene Therapeutics





  Moreover, we offer aromatherapy and other soothing body treatments, to help clear your body of toxins.



                                     Serene Therapeutics is mainly based out of a studio but                                           offers mobile for those who just want to escape in the com                                             fort of their own home, providing a wide range of                      massage therapy and rehabilitation services.   


Each of our therapists has over 10 years of hands-on experience. They are  highly trained, certified and licensed in Medical massage therapy. We use 

 the best tools, techniques, education, and encouragement that will bring you the most benefit and proper balance for your well-being.


Our goal & focus is to help each individual achieve optimal health by regaining mobility, stability & flexibility, as well as help you break away from the stress of everyday life and experience total relaxation with your mind body & soul.

Massage for Special Events

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