Health & Wellness

Sound & Energy

Sound Bath

60 Minutes

Sound therapy utilizes the power of vibration to help clear energetic blockages and heal both the physical and mental pains. Our sound therapist utilizes singing bowls and other vibrational tools that will uplift the soul and promote self-healing.




Facials & Wraps

60 Minutes

60 Minute Reiki, Entrainment, Breathwork, or Singing Bowl session

-Reiki is a no-contact treatment that focuses on utilizing the Universal life energy to release stress, tension and deepen your mediation practice. Reiki can help you get back in touch with your body and mind.

-Binaural beats and Isochronic tones are used to achieve a particular state through brainwave entrainment. By utilizing different combinations of tones, the rhythms of your brain synchronize to the sounds that are produced. In addition, various combinations yield other effects such as deep relaxation, sleep, and physical recovery.

-Breathwork is a form of active meditation. Your coach will lead you through a combination of breathing exercises that have been shown to help increase energy, stimulate healing, and aid in meditation.





60 Minute  sessions

       Sound Bowl Meditation         

5 Sessions ($100) - $500


Reiki Meditation

 5 Sessions ($100) - $500



5 Sessions ($100) - $500


Binaural and Isochronic Entrainment           

5 Sessions ($100)- $500        


Prices Vary

Cell Rejuvenation

                  Raw Juicing

Raw Juices for detox


Beet Retreat (Liver/Kidney/Skin)(Beet, carrot, cucumber, apple & ginger)

Pure Green (Overall vitality)(Celery, cucumber, apple, lemon ginger & spirulina)

Orange Zinger (Metabolism kick start)(Orange, carrot, apple, turmeric, cayenne & black pepper flakes)

Trinity (Skin/ Digestion/Blood)(Cantaloupe, papaya & pineapple)

Berry Orange (Mind/ Skin)(Mixed berries & orange juice)

Bromelain (Digestive Enzyme/ Local Desert allergy relief)(Pineapple, mineral water with DHS Local honey)

Cell Flow (High Hydration)(Celery, cucumber,ginger, lime, chlorella)




Fresh Pressed Plant milk,Fruit & Herbal Teas

16. OZ

All drinks can be unsweetened upon request C=Caffeinated H=Can be heated

Lilac Lavender C (Calming nature)(Walnut/ oat milk, lavender petals, earl grey tea with non-GMO sweetener)


Leche de Azule Horchata (Skin, hair & nail)(Almond/ coconut/ rice milk, cinnamon, blue butterfly tea with non-GMO sweetener)


Lions Mane C+H (Anti-Inflammatory)(Plant milk, lions mane, chaga, turmeric, matcha, cinnamon with non-GMO sweetener)

Jasmine Matcha (High energy) C+H(Matcha, jasmine green tea, plant milk with non-GMO sweetener


Hibiscus Fusion (Mind/ Liver/ Heart)(Hibiscus, mixed berries, mint with non-GMO sweetener)


Aloe Lavender Lemonade (Weight loss/Skin/ Hydration)(Lavender Tea, fresh cut aloe-vera, lemon & non-GMO sweetener)


Watermelon Lemonade (Weight loss/Skin/ Hydration)(Watermelon, lemon, mineral water & non-GMO sweetener)




High Energy/Gut Shots


Ginger lemon shot (Gut/ Skin/ Energy)


Turmeric orange shot (Anti-Inflammatory/Skin/ Immune boost)


Cherry Micro algae shot (Parasite elimination/Gut/ Minerals)