Benefits of Receiving a Massage


Massage Treatments gets to the root of the problem by working out lactic acid buildup, inflammation, and scar tissue that accumulates in the body.


   Massage can help lower stress levels, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, tense and aching muscles.


It can increase the range of motion, impinged nerves causing numbness, tingling, or pain.


Through Wellness Massage and Manual Therapy, we can work on these problems that will allow the body to heal itself.

Although massage is an important aspect of overall good health, a regular exercise, and stretching program, as well as proper water intake, is also crucial in allowing the body to live in a pain-free world. 



Wellness Massage
Medical Massage
At Serene Therapeutics we provide a multitude of modalities, but for the most part they can be broken down into two different categories, Wellness Massage and Medical Massage. Both of these types of treatments are extremely beneficial, but choosing the right treatment really just depends on your needs. Below we have broken down the difference between the two and the listed the benefits of each. 
Wellness Massage
For those who seek relaxation and relief from minor aches and pains. 
Treatments that fall under Wellness include:
Swedish, Myofascial, Prenatal, Reflexology, Wellness for Cancer
  • Relieves tension & stress
  • Eases aches and pains                                           
  • Soothes tired muscles                                         
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Increase circulation                                           
  • Improve sleep
  • Promotes a general sense of well-being
Medical Massage Treatment:
For those who seek relief from specific injuries, Pre or Post surgery, major aches & pains and athletes.
This technique of massage therapy is used for rehabilitation, from auto accidents & whiplash to various types of sports injuries or pathologies
Treatments that fall under Medical massage:
Myoskeletal,  Sports therapy, Cupping,
Myofascial w/ Passive joint movements




  • Releases tight and sore muscles which can cause Ischemia.

  • Helps relieve nerve compression or entrapment.

  • Deactivates Myofascial Trigger Points.

  • Decreases Pain And Inflammation.

  • Increases Flexibility And Range Of Motion.

  • Improves Posture And Coordination Medical Massage and Myoskeletal Movements

  • Also helps to prevent future chronic pain conditions by effectively dealing with the cause of the problem and eliminating it.

Massage is not a luxury its a necessity.

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