Meet the Team


Maribel Diaz

 Owner & Founder

Serene Therapeutics

Medical Massage Practitioner

Manual Therapist

 Myoskelatal Therapist

Myofascial Therapist

Sports & Rehab

CBD Treatments



Manual Therapy in MDX Reset, 

Myoskelatal Therapy,

Myofascial Therapy

 Wellness for Cancer 

Therapeutic Work


Wellness Treatments

& Much More

 12  years experienced Licensed & Certified Medical Manual Therapist Practitioner.


She has studied Massage & Movement, works with Nerve entrapment & helps Reset the body's Posture.  Maribel puts together a Rehab program by combining all her knowledge and customizing the program for that individual thru Manual Therapy, teaching movement, exercises and Stretches to keep up with the maintenance at home.

Her mission is to help those who suffer from chronic pain or a lack on mobility by putting together a program for each individual to help achieve & Regain optimal health to live a pain-free active life style.


Angela Flores

Certified LMT

 Myoskeletal Therapist



Deep tissue

 Pre natal

Aroma therapy


Hot stones

Body scrubs

Full body wrap

              12 years experienced Licenced & Certified Massage Therapist


Angela found a passion for healing and began practicing massage therapy in 2007.

 Angela's thrive's to be the best among others, has motivated her to study abroad to attend workshops in as far as Costa Rica! She advanced her techniques in Therapeutic treatments by expanding her knowledge with masters Eric Dalton & Paul Kelly in Myoskeletal techniques.

(Executive director of the Freedom From Pain Institute and developer of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques).

  Angela's focus is to provide a wide range of therapy for a complete healing experience and to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Regina Garner


Sports Therapist


Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Myofasical Release 

Medial injury & Rehabilitation

CBD Therapy

Aroma Therapy

 Wellness for cancer

Regina has been giving massage & body work for 17 years. She received her certification in Massage Therapy in 2002. She continued her education at remont College obtaining an Associates Degree in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation in 2014. She has expanded her knowledge in Myofasical Release and Medial injury and Rehabilitation. She extended training in CBD Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Wellness for cancer. Regina is currently an intern for Courts Corner Los Angeles Sports Medicine. 

She will always continue to learn, grow and help others from life's stresses. 


Ashley Fellman

Alternative & Holistic Feminine Practitioner 


Energy Work

Yoni Steams


At the age of 18, ashley was introduced to the healing Arts. She is a Certified Reiki Master and Yoni Steam Practitioner with 8 years of experience working with women of all walks in life. Her main goal and passion in life is empowering women where ever they may be on their healing journey.

Yoni Steams helps with Womb Wellness: Regulating mestrual cycles, Womb trauma, Hormonal Balance, aids in removing fibroids and Cysts, B.V and Yeast Infections also helps increase Fertility.


Leslie Shuffleton

Personal Trainer



Strength Training

Cardionvascular  conditioning

Sports specific training

Occupational & Functional Training

Flexibility Training

Leslie, a retired competitive athlete, combines focus and goal setting skills gained from 10 years developing as a rower for the United States of America. Since retiring from US Rowing National Team in 2000, her main focus has been training clients for peak performance living well into the Golden Years.


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